Courses Indirectly Related to Respiratory Care

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Up to five CE hours may be obtained each renewal cycle for the following:

  • Attendance at open sessions of Respiratory Care Board meetings; attendance at California Society for Respiratory Care (CSRC), or American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) meetings, at the discretion of the AARC or CSRC.
  • A course that is related to the role of a health care practitioner or indirectly related to respiratory care if the content of the course or program relates to any of the following:
    • Preventative health services and health promotion, including tobacco and smoking cessation counseling.
    • Required abuse reporting.
    • Other subject matter which is directed by legislation to be included in CE for licensed healing arts practitioners.
    • Courses regarding the characteristics and method of assessment and treatment of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
    • Courses in electronic systems used for purposes of medical billing or treatment of respiratory care patients.