Probation Program

The Respiratory Care Board (RCB) is required to operate an effective and proactive enforcement program to adhere to its mandate. After RCB members have adopted a final decision where "probation" is ordered, the case is referred to the Probation Program.

The purpose of the probation monitoring program is to maintain public protection by pro-actively monitoring probationers to ensure terms and conditions are met. The purpose is NOT for the RCB to rehabilitate the probationer. Probation is a privilege afforded by the RCB to:

  • Allow for the probationer's rehabilitation if that is his/her choice;
  • Allow the probationer an opportunity to practice in a professional manner with restrictions and guidance from a community support system and designated probation monitor to prevent future occurrences, and
  • Allow for education of the individual as to the responsibilities, requirements, and professionalism mandated of a respiratory care practitioner.

It is the policy of the RCB that if a probationer is found to be in violation of any term of probation at any time during the probation period, the RCB shall immediately be notified of the violation so that disciplinary action may be considered.

Standard and Specialty Terms and Conditions

Probation Forms

Disciplinary Guidelines