Board Meeting Agenda

June 22, 2023

Pechanga Resort Casino, Cottonwood Room
45000 Pechanga Pkwy
Temecula, CA 92592

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1:00 p.m. - Call to Order, Establishment of Quorum

  1. President's Opening Remarks
  2. Public Comment: Public comment will be accepted after each agenda item and toward the end of the agenda for public comment not related to any particular agenda item. The President may set a time limit, as needed.

  3. March 9, 2023 Meeting Minutes Approval
  4. Executive Officer’s Report
    1. Triannual E-Bulletins
      1. Strategic Plan Administration Goal 1.4: Educate licensees about the Board’s actions and organizational strategies to better understand roles, rules, regulations, and processes as appropriate.
    2. Continuing Education
      1. Strategic Plan Licensing Goal 2.6: Complete continuing education (CE) regulations, develop and execute a plan to disseminate information to all interested parties to ensure awareness of updated changes.
      2. Strategic Plan Licensing Goal 2.8: Audit a statistically significant sample of license renewals to determine compliance with CE requirements by 2023 and thereafter.
    3. Electronic Data Efficiencies
      1. Strategic Plan Enforcement Goal 3.2: Move processes online to increase efficiency.
      2. Strategic Plan Enforcement Goal 3.4: Establish a process to share information with the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians on enforcement cases brought forth in response to the implementation of SB 1436.
      3. Strategic Plan Enforcement Goal 3.5: Review and streamline complaint intake methods to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    4. Work Permit Process Reengineered
      1. Strategic Plan Enforcement Goal 3.7: Review and strengthen processes to detect unlicensed practice.
  5. SB 1436 Implementation
    1. Strategic Plan Licensing Goal 2.2: Develop and promulgate regulations identifying basic respiratory tasks and services and disseminate information to pertinent state agencies and licensed facilities in response to the implementation of Senate Bill (SB) 1436
    2. Strategic Plan Licensing Goal 2.5: Facilitate stakeholder meetings to gather feedback prior to promulgating regulations that provide training guidelines permitting licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) to provide specific respiratory tasks in the home care setting in response to the implementation of SB 1436. Regulations expected to be in effect January 1, 2025.
    3. Withdraw Proposed Regulation to Adopt California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1399.365, Basic Respiratory Tasks and Services.
    4. Proposed Legislation: Additional Exemptions for Home and Community-Based Settings and Activities
  6. Professional Qualifications Committee Update & Discussion (Raymond Hernandez, Chair, Michael H. Terry, Member)
    1. Strategic Plan Goal 2.3: Evaluate current respiratory care educational requirements and revise, as necessary, to support practice standards and patient safety.
    2. Strategic Plan Goal 2.4: Collaborate with professional organizations and schools to perform a needs assessment for the advanced respiratory practitioner role in California to address the projected shortage of physicians and the evolving role of being a physician extender.
      1. Presentation by Abdullah Alismail, PhD, RCP, RRT, FCCP, FAARC and Yiqing Xu, BSRC, RRT, RCP, Loma Linda University
  7. Legislation of Interest
  8. Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda
    The Board may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during this public comment section that is not included on this agenda, except to decide whether to place the matter on agenda of a future meeting (Government Code section 11125, 11125.7(a)).
  9. Future Agenda Items
  10. CLOSED SESSION (Not open to the public)
  11. Pursuant to subdivision (c)(3) of Government Code section 11126, the Board will meet in closed session to consider proposed disciplinary actions, stipulated settlements, and petitions for modifications/termination of probation.

  12. 4:30 p.m. - Adjournment


Action may be taken on any item on the agenda. Time and order of agenda items are subject to change at the discretion of the President. Meetings of the Respiratory Care Board are open to the public except when specifically noticed otherwise in accordance with the Open Meeting Act. In addition to the agenda item which addresses public comment, the audience will be given appropriate opportunities to comment on any issue before the Board. Public comments may be subject to a time limit, at the discretion of the Board President. Members of the public will not be permitted to “yield” their allotted time to other members of the public to make comments. The public may comment on items not on the agenda, but Board members cannot discuss or take action on items not on the agenda. The agenda is available on the Board’s website at This meeting may be canceled or changed without any notice. For verification, please check the Board’s website at or call (916) 999-2190.

The meeting is accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs a disability-related accommodation or modification in order to participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Paula Velasquez at (916) 999-2190 or sending a written request to: Paula Velasquez, Respiratory Care Board, 3750 Rosin Court, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834. Providing your request at least seven (7) business days before the meeting will help ensure availability of the requested accommodation.