Board Committees

The RCB has established committees to enhance the efficacy, efficiency, and prompt dispatch of duties upon the Board.

Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee includes the president and vice-president. As elected officers, this Committee makes interim (between board meetings) decisions as necessary. This Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board members with respect to legislation impacting the RCB's mandate. This Committee also provides guidance to administrative staff for the budgeting and organizational components of the RCB and is responsible for directing the fulfillment of recommendations made by legislative oversight committees.

President: Ricardo Guzman, MA, RRT, RCP

Vice President: Raymond Hernandez, MPH, RRT, NPS

Enforcement Committee

Members of the Enforcement Committee are responsible for the development and review of board-adopted policies, positions and disciplinary guidelines. Although members of the Enforcement Committee do not typically review individual enforcement cases (if they do they recuse themselves from any further proceedings), they are responsible for policy development of the enforcement program, pursuant to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Chair: Mary Ellen Early

Outreach Committee

Members of the Outreach Committee are responsible for the development of consumer outreach projects, including the newsletter, website, e-government initiatives and outside organization presentations. These members act as goodwill ambassadors and represent the RCB at the invitation of outside organizations and programs.

Chair: Mark Goldstein, MPA, RRT

Member: Sam Kbushyan, MBA

Professional Qualifications Committee

Members of the Professional Qualifications Committee are responsible for the review and development of regulations regarding educational and professional ethics course requirements for initial licensure and continuing education programs. Essentially, they monitor various education criteria and requirements for licensure, taking into consideration new developments in technology, managed care, and current activity in the healthcare industry.

Chair: Raymond Hernandez, MPH, RRT, NPS

Member: Michael Terry, RCP, RRT, RPFT, CCRC