RCP Workforce Study

The Board contracted with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Institute for Health Policy Studies to conduct a Respiratory Care Workforce Study. Specifically, the study addressed the following five research questions:

  • What is the feasibility and what would be the impact of establishing the requirement that respiratory therapists have a baccalaureate degree in California?
  • What are the curricular needs and implications of allowing RCPs to exercise prescriptive authority under protocol?
  • Are the current requirements regarding clinical supervision of RCP students adequate? Should there be modifications?
  • How effective are the Law and Professional Ethics courses that RCPs are currently required to take? Should they be mandated?
  • Should the number of continuing education (CE) hours be further increased or should the curricular requirements be changed?

The 2017 California Respiratory Care Workforce Study is now available for review!

The 2007 California Respiratory Care Workforce Study is also still available.