Respiratory Care Board of California

Scope of Practice

The Respiratory Care Board of California (Board) often receives questions regarding the Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCP) scope of practice. These are inquiries in which a licensed RCP or hospital may be looking for clarification regarding an RCP's duties or interpretation of the laws that govern the practice of RCPs.

In addition, the American Association for Respiratory Care's Clinical Practice Guidelines are also a useful resource for specific respiratory care procedures. However, please note that in some instances the AARC's guidelines refer to "lay caregivers" or credentialed persons as appropriate personnel to perform certain tasks that conflict with California law. Therefore, the guidelines should not be used as a resource to determine personnel qualifications in performing certain tasks. Rather, the appropriate California licensing or certifying agency (not to be confused with private credentialing organizations) should be contacted, if applicable. If the guidelines refer to unlicensed personnel, readers may choose to contact the Respiratory Care Board to determine if certain tasks require licensure as a respiratory care practitioner.

On June 24, 2016, the Respiratory Care Board passed a motion to recognize and support the CSRC's white paper titled, "Position Statement Pertaining to Concurrent Therapy" for purposes of educating the public, licensees, and facilities that such practice is unsafe with potential harm to the public. Please click this link to review the statement in its entirety.