Respiratory Care Board of California

Disciplinary Actions

Respiratory Care Board of California Disciplinary Actions

To view documents relating to disciplinary actions taken by the Board, you may search by the individual's name or license number through BreEZe Online Services.

Only those pleadings and decisions which have been filed since January 2006 are available for downloading on the web site. To obtain all other copies of disciplinary documents, please complete the Request for disciplinary documents and submit by mail to the Respiratory Care Board, 3750 Rosin Court, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834 or by fax to (916) 263-7311.

For more information regarding disciplinary action taken against an individual, please contact the Board's Enforcement Unit by writing to the Respiratory Care Board's mailing address, by e-mail at, or telephone at (916) 999-2190.

Accusation - Charges filed against a licensee alleging violation(s) of the Respiratory Care Practice Act.
Accusation and Petition to Revoke Probation - A legal document containing charges and allegations of violations of the Respiratory Care Practice Act as well as charges and allegations of violating a prior disciplinary decision (terms and conditions of probation).
Default Decision - Licensee fails to respond to Accusation by filing a Notice of Defense or fails to appear at administrative hearing
Denial - The application for licensure as a respiratory care practitioner, filed by an applicant, is denied.
Decision - The order of the Board in a disciplinary action.
Interim Suspension Order (ISO) - An order issued upon petition, suspending a licensee from all or a part of his or her respiratory care practice.
Petition to Revoke Probation - Charges filed against a probationer seeking revocation of their practitioner license based upon violation(s) of probation.
Probation - A conditional or probationary license is issued to an applicant or licensee with terms and conditions as a result of disciplinary action.
Public Reprimand - A lesser form of discipline that can be negotiated for minor violations.
Revocation - The license is canceled, voided, annulled, rescinded. The right to practice is ended.
Statement of Issues - Charges filed against an applicant to deny licensure due to alleged violation of the Respiratory Care Practice Act.
Surrender - The licensee stipulates to surrender license. The right to practice is ended.
Suspension - The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.